The Wall is the first Egyptian company that allows you to print directly on walls
our wall printing technology is a revolution in the market of wall décor.

We introduces an absolutely new way to decorate walls or any vertical surfaces.
Instead of using ordinary wall paper or wall decals , We have a competent and
motivated team that specializes in the reproduction of photographs and Pictures on

We understand that creating a unique interior design for home, Hotel or office is
always a challenge , There are millions of wallpaper designs and wall decals available
online, but how will those wallpaper murals or custom wall decals look like when you
will stick them to your wall?

They will start to peel and fade as time passes , We have a better wall design solution
for you murals printed directly onto the wall , Our genuine wall art murals last for
years and never peel. Our art will always look seamless and colorful.

At The Wall Company, we don’t just print murals. First, we create exclusive art wall
designs according to customers demands or provided materials , Then we confirm an
image to see if we can make it just perfect Finally, our professional team using special
printing technology will transform every detail of this image to your wall mural
creating a real piece of art Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Using specially designed and manufactured printing machine and software,
we can create high-quality custom designed wall murals printed on site
directly to the wall within just a few hours. It brings limitless opportunities
to decorate walls in homes, offices, shops, cafes, hotels and etc..

By using our new Technology we can print high resolution ( up to 2880 dpi ),
high quality with maximum sharpness and accuracy images, pictures , photos,
labels , logos or graphics direct on all types of walls, concrete, wallpaper, wood,
canvas for your office, schools, Hotel, restaurant, factory, nursery or in your
own home. we are not limited by size or color , Possible application, figures,
and games in the nursery
large format photos and pictures on walls, family photos, personal memories
tattoos and graphics, acquisitions company names, logos or labels, painting
inscription of companies inside or outside, exhibitions

All our prints are protected against UV rays and external influences ,
The technique allows printing pictures and photos with unlimited width and
unlimited height
We are the first and only company to print on all surfaces in CMYK ( inkjet )
achieving brilliant and impressive color and accuracy
Give us your personal picture and we will print it on the wall of your choice .

wall printing

Express your style with wall art and wall decor
The walls of your home are a huge canvas
to expressive to your style.

wall printing

You can make a huge commercial advertisement
everybody can see and to make streets
more beautiful and popular landmark
which everyone wants to take a photo with.


Printing on glass will be a highlight in the interior,
if you entrust all work to professionals.
Today, even more often designers resort to
the use of glass in the interior. This solution
allows the room to “breathe”, the room
becomes more light and spacious.
A perfectly matched image, transferred to
the glass, is able to emphasize the style
of any office or home.

3D Photo

Beautiful print will help to realize all your
ideas in the design of a unique style, and
repair will become a real creative process.


If you were wondering what the seal on
the canvas is and why it is needed, today
we will answer it to you. So, what is the
same seal on canvas? It’s very simple
instead of traditional paper, we use
a natural canvas, similar to that used
by artists, only adapted for printing on
a special printer. Canvas is a dense
material with a textured surface
imitating an art canvas.
This is why the image you print
on canvas looks like a real picture.


We are determined to bring beautiful, Luxuries and colorful walls
to the Egyptian market Just choose your favorite design, colors, size,
even your personal photo and we will put it directly on your wall.
We can print whatever you want wherever you want.